Image-Driven, Subject-Specific Spine Models

We’re a research team working to develop custom spine models, to understand why back disorders occur in individuals, and how to prevent and address them.

Our Research

In our 3-year research programme, we are developing a computer model of the spine that can be tailored to each individual patient.

The model will be developed from data collected from in vitro (specimen) samples and MRI images. We’ll test how accurate it is at representing real people from volunteer data.

Our Team

Our team brings together expertise from biology, medicine, physics, engineering and computer science across two Universities: Exeter and Cardiff.

Dr Judith Meakin – Project Lead

University of Exeter

Specialism: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Dr Timothy Holsgrove

University of Exeter

Specialism: In vitro testing

Prof Akbar Javadi

University of Exeter

Specialism: Machine learning computer models (biomechanics)

Prof Cathy Holt

Cardiff University

Specialism: In vivo testing

Dr David Williams

Cardiff University

Specialism: In vivo data analysis

Dr Emily Kelly

University of Exeter

Specialism: Computer modelling

Dr Michael Ward

University of Exeter

Specialism: Imaging and in vitro testing

Dionne Shillabeer

Cardiff University

Specialism: Assistance with in vivo data acquisition and analysis

Jenny Williams

Cardiff University

Specialism: Facility coordinator: volunteer admin and research impact.